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The available bandwidth (avail-bw) in a network path is of major importance in congestion control, streaming applications, QoS verification, server selection, and overlay networks. We describe an end-to-end methodology, called Self-Loading Periodic Streams (SLoPS), for measuring avail-bw. The basic idea in SLoPS is that the one-way delays of a periodic(More)
Predictable allocations of security resources such as police officers , canine units, or checkpoints are vulnerable to exploitation by attackers. Recent work has applied game-theoretic methods to find optimal randomized security policies, including a fielded application at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). This approach has promising applications(More)
Several high-bandwidth network interfaces use Interrupt Co-alescence (IC), i.e., they generate a single interrupt for multiple packets sent or received in a short time interval. IC decreases the per-packet interrupt processing overhead. However, IC also introduces queueing delays and alters the " dispersion " (i.e., interarrival time spacing) of packet(More)
Nitrous oxide (N2O) accounts for 5% of the total enhanced greenhouse effect and responsible for the destruction of the stratospheric ozone. The rice-wheat cropping system occupying 26 million ha of productive land in Asia could be a major source of N2O as most of the fertilizer N in this region is consumed by this system. Emission of N2O as influenced by(More)
Security at major locations of economic or political importance is a key concern around the world, particularly given the threat of terrorism. Limited security resources prevent full security coverage at all times, which allows adversaries to observe and exploit patterns in selective patrolling or monitoring , e.g. they can plan an attack avoiding existing(More)
The fastest known algorithm for solving General Bayesian Stackel-berg games with a finite set of follower (adversary) types have seen direct practical use at the LAX airport for over 3 years; and currently , an (albeit non-Bayesian) algorithm for solving these games is also being used for scheduling air marshals on limited sectors of international flights(More)
Upland rice was grown in the kharif season (June-September) under irrigated condition in New Delhi, India (28 degree 40'N and 77 degree 12'E) to monitor CH4 and N2O emission, as influenced by fertilizer urea, ammonium sulphate and potassium nitrate alone (at 120 kg ha-1) and mixed with dicyandiamide (DCD), added at 10% of applied N. The experimental soil(More)
How do we build multiagent algorithms for agent interactions with human adversaries? Stackelberg games are natural models for many important applications that involve human interaction, such as oligo-polistic markets and security domains. In Stackelberg games, one player, the leader, commits to a strategy and the follower makes their decision with knowledge(More)
IP networks present a challenging environment for video streaming because they do not provide throughput, jitter, or loss rate guarantees. In this work, we focus on improving the perceived quality of video streaming through dynamic path selection. Selecting one of several Internet paths is possible using multihoming and/or an overlay routing infrastructure.(More)