Manish Gupta

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Classification of gene expression data plays a significant role in prediction and diagnosis of diseases. Gene expression data has a special characteristic that there is a mismatch in gene dimension as opposed to sample dimension. All genes do not contribute for efficient classification of samples. A robust feature selection algorithm is required to identify(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of arsenic (III) exposure on porphyrin metabolism and the central nervous system supplemented with data on the effect of hepatic and renal tissues of rats and guinea pigs. METHODS Rats and guinea pigs were exposed to 10 or 25 ppm arsenic in drinking water for 16 weeks. RESULTS Following chronic arsenic (III) exposure,(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer is an increasing health problem in India. Screening for early detection should lead to a reduction in mortality from the disease. It is known that motivation by nurses influences uptake of screening methods by women. This study aimed to investigate knowledge of breast cancer risk factors and early detection methods and the practice(More)
Hippophae rhamnoides (Sea buckthorn), a traditionally known plant for nutritional and therapeutic values, is under active investigation for radioprotective properties. This study investigated effects of aqueous leaf extract from H. rhamnoides on (60)Co-γ-radiation induced changes in behavior, oxidative stress and serotonin levels in jejunum and plasma of(More)
Naive-Bayes classifier is a popular technique of classification in machine learning. Improving the accuracy of naive-Bayes classifier will be significant as it has great importance in classification using numerical attributes. For numeric attributes, the conditional probabilities are either modeled by some continuous probability distribution over the range(More)
Radiotherapy plays a major role in the treatment of cervical cancer. A successful radiotherapy program integrates both external beam and brachytherapy components. The principles of radiotherapy are strongly based on the anatomy of the organ and patterns of local and nodal spread. However, in patients with distorted anatomy, several practical issues arise in(More)
Naïve–Bayes Classifier (NBC) is widely used for classification in machine learning. It is considered as the first choice for many classification problems because of its simplicity and classification accuracy as compared to other supervised learning methods. However, for high dimensional data like gene expression data, it does not perform well due to two(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the feasibility of concurrent chemo radiation in locally advanced carcinoma cervix patients in our clinical setting. MATERIALS AND METHODS From Sept. 1st 2005 to Aug. 31st 2006, 102 patients of carcinoma cervix belonging to stage IIA to IV A were enrolled in the study. External beam radiation therapy was administered using Cobalt 60(More)