Manish Gupta

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As organizations increasingly operate, compete, and cooperate in a global context, business processes are also becoming global to propagate the benefits from coordination and standardization across geographical boundaries. In this context, security has gained significance due to increased threats, as well as legislation and compliance issues. This article(More)
One of the fastest growing applications in the banking arena is Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment (EBPP), driven primarily by a desire to reduce costs associated with issuing and settling physical bills. EBPP is a secure system for companies to electronically present bills and other related information to their customers, and host the secure payment(More)
This study investigates the risk of insider threats associated with different applications within a financial institution. Extending routine activity theory (RAT) from criminology literature to information systems security, hypotheses regarding how application characteristics, namely value, inertia, visibility, accessibility, and guardians, cause(More)
With increasing demand for Cloud Computing services, a growing number of firms are citing business agility and cost savings as motivators for adopting Cloud Computing services. Extant literature does not provide any empirical evidence of value of announcements made regarding the Cloud Computing environment. This paper examines impact of Cloud Computing(More)
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