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Classification of gene expression data plays a significant role in prediction and diagnosis of diseases. Gene expression data has a special characteristic that there is a mismatch in gene dimension as opposed to sample dimension. All genes do not contribute for efficient classification of samples. A robust feature selection algorithm is required to identify(More)
Stem cells are primitive cells that can differentiate and regenerate organs in different parts of the body such as heart, bones, muscles and nervous system. This has been a field of great clinical interest with immense possibilities of using the stem cells in regeneration of human organ those are damaged due to disease, developmental defects and accident.(More)
Elotuzumab is a humanized immunoglobulin G1 monoclonal antibody in development for the treatment of patients with multiple myeloma who have received one or more prior therapies. In this work, 6958 elotuzumab serum concentrations from 375 patients enrolled in four Phase 1 to 3 clinical trials were used to analyze the pharmacokinetics (PK) of elotuzumab. A(More)
Tc-99m methylene diphosphonate (MDP) bone scintigraphy has long been used for the evaluation of benign as well as malignant skeletal conditions. However, non-osseous tracer uptake on a bone scan is an unusual finding. There is a need to understand the pathophysiological basis of the non-osseous uptake, which may have a clinical relevance or deteriorating(More)