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Key challenges in managing an I/T environment for e-business lie in the area of root cause analysis, proactive problem prediction, and automated problem remediation. Our approach as reported in this paper, utilizes two important concepts: dependency graphs and dynamic runtime performance characteristics of resources that comprise an I/T environment to(More)
Multi-tiered enterprise applications, which comprise of many (heterogeneous and possibly loosely coupled) components at various layers of the IT stack, typically have configuration dependencies between these different components. A change in the value of a configuration parameter of a component may require changing one or more parameters of other components(More)
Enterprise middleware systems typically consist of a large cluster of machines with stringent performance requirements. Hence, when a performance problem occurs in such environments, it is critical that the health monitoring software identifies the root cause of the problem with minimal delay. A technique commonly used for isolating performance problem root(More)
—Maintaining consistent views of components in complex IT environments is challenging due to frequent changes applied to the systems. Discovery tools, typically used for scanning the environment, can fail to gather up-to-date information. We present a technique to track changes by monitoring system events induced by a change. The system events are(More)
IT service delivery is heavily dependent on skilled labor. This opens the scope for errors due to human mistakes. We propose a framework for minimizing errors due to human mistakes in Change Management process, focusing on change preparation and change execution. We developed a tool that brings better structure to the change plan, as well as, helps the(More)