Manish Chhabra

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Web Service (WS) technology represents a fundamental shift in the way web applications are developed for e-business. It is becoming the next paradigm to deploy business services on the Web. Developing WS is a new challenge due to the complexity of various business processes and different communication protocols. In this paper, we propose a methodology to(More)
In order to curtail the escalating packet loss rates caused by an exponential increase in network traffic, active queue management techniques such as Random Early Detection (RED) have come into picture. Flow Random Early Drop (FRED) keeps state based on instantaneous queue occupancy of a given flow. FRED protects fragile flows by deterministically accepting(More)
Mango quality assessment is important in meeting market requirements. The quality of the mango can be judge by its length, thickness, width, area, etc. In this paper on the basis of simple mathematical calculations different parameters of a number of mango are calculated. The present paper focused on the classification of mangoes using morphological(More)
Effectively and fairly allocating resources to the competing users in a network is a major issue to meet the demand for higher performance nowadays. Queue management enhances the efficiency of transfers and cooperates with Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) in adapting the intense flow of the congestion in the network. The shared resources of a network are(More)
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