Manikant Tripathi

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The bacterial strains resistant to pentachlorophenol (PCP) and hexavalent chromium [Cr(VI)] were isolated from treated tannery effluent of a common effluent treatment plant. Most of the physico-chemical parameters analyzed were above permissible limits. Thirty-eight and four bacterial isolates, respectively were found resistant to >50 μg/ml concentration of(More)
In this study, Bacillus cereus isolate from tannery effluent was employed for orange II dye decolorization in simulated minimal salt broth and textile effluent. Most of the physicochemical parameters of textile effluent were above the permissible limits. The strain was highly tolerant to dye up to 500 mg l(-1). Increasing dye concentration exerted(More)
The physicochemical analyses of pulp-paper mill effluent revealed that it was dark brown with 1761 ± 2.3 color PtCo units having slightly alkaline pH, high biological oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand values, and contained large quantities of organic and inorganic constituents, well above the prescribed standards. The bacterial growth, color(More)
Bioremediation offers the possibility of using living organisms (bacteria, fungi, algae,or plants), but primarily microorganisms, to degrade or remove environmental contaminants, and transform them into nontoxic or less-toxic forms. The major advantages of bioremediation over conventional physicochemical and biological treatment methods include low cost,(More)
The potential hazards associated with industrial effluents, coupled with increasing awareness of environment problems, have prompted many countries to limit the indiscriminate discharge of untreated wastewaters. The pulp and paper industry has been among the most significant of industrial polluters of the waterways, and therefore has been one of the(More)
A native Bacillus cereus isolate has been employed, for the first time, for simultaneous decolorization, dechlorination of chloroorganics, and Cr(6+) remediation from the real tannery effluent. Most of the physicochemical variables in 3:1 diluted effluent were well above the standard prescribed limits, which decreased substantially upon microbial treatment.(More)
Abstract. In this paper, we establish some inequalities involving k-Ricci curvature, k-scalar curvature, the screen scalar curvature on a screen homothetic lightlike hypersurface of a Lorentzian manifold. We compute Chen-Ricci inequality and Chen inequality on a screen homothetic lightlike hypersurface of a Lorentzian manifold. We give an optimal inequality(More)
It is the first report in which a novel psychrotrophic Pseudomonas putida SKG-1 strain was evaluated for simultaneous bioremediation of pentachlorophenol and Cr(6+) under various cultural and nutritional conditions. Pentachlorophenol (PCP) dechlorination products, bacterial structure, and functional groups were characterized by gas chromatography and mass(More)
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