Manikandan Somasundaram

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Human perception of 3 briefly flashed letters in a horizontal array that subtends a visual angle of 3 degrees or less is reduced by a magnetic coil (MC) pulse given, e.g., 90 msec later. Either a round or a double square MC is effective when the lower windings or central junction region, respectively, are tangential to the skull overlying calcarine cortex(More)
A minority of normal humans experience paraesthesias (usually tingling) projected to the contralateral hand in response to individual transcranial magnetic coil (MC) pulses. The cortical source of the paraesthesias was sought by comparing their incidence with that of muscle responses to focal MC stimulation with either a figure 8 MC or with edge stimulation(More)
Streaming movies over the Internet has become increasingly popular in recent years as an alternative to mailing DVDs to a customer. In this paper we investigate the environmental- and energy-related impacts of these two methods of movie content delivery. We compare the total energy consumed and the carbon footprint impact of these two delivery methods and(More)
The organizers were myself and Professor Chao Li from Shangluo University. The conference was supported by Shangluo University and there were more than 100 participants. We had three foreign guests, Professor K.Chakraborty from India, Professor Imre Katai from Hungary, Professor S. Kanemitsu from Japan. The conference was a great success and will give a(More)
Ten patients developed a subacute lower motor neuron syndrome as a remote effect of Hodgkin's disease or other lymphoma. The illness usually followed a benign course independent of the activity of the underlying neoplasm. Seven of the patients improved spontaneously, and 3 became neurologically normal. Two patients died of intercurrent infections related to(More)
To my parents. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank Ramesh Sitaraman and Prashant Shenoy, my thesis advisors, without whom I would not have received a doctorate. I am fortunate to have come in contact with many great teachers both inside and outside the department, making my time at Amherst an unforgettable experience. The town of Amherst itself has been a(More)
OBJECTIVES This study was aimed to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of bisoprolol, in Indian patients diagnosed with stage I essential hypertension as first-line drug. DESIGN This was an open-label, phase IV, multicentric prospective study. SETTINGS 239 outpatient centres across India. PARTICIPANTS After ethical approval, patients who were(More)
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