Manikandan Ramesh

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Bacopa monnieri (L.), a highly endangered miracle medicinal herb with global interest, is one of the popular ancient Indian ayurvedic plants. With ever increasing demand for Bacopa based formulations(More)
To develop salt tolerant rice, the P5CS gene of Vigna aconitifolia, encoding for proline synthesis, was introduced into the popular indica rice cultivar ADT 43. Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain LBA(More)
Solanum trilobatum L. is an Indian medicinal plant containing rich amount of steroidal glyco-alkoloids that can be used as precursor for commercial steroid production. Two efficient marker systems(More)
Effect of plant growth regulators and spermidine on somatic embryogenesis and regeneration was investigated in finger millet. Mature embryos, and 3 days old seedling-derived shoot apical meristems(More)
The effect of seaweed liquid extracts (SLEs) made from Gracilaria salicornia, Padina gymnospora, Padina boergesenii, Gelidiella acerosa and plant growth regulators (PGRs) were examined on in vitro(More)
The effects of cefotaxime, amino acids and carbon source on somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration using mature seeds in four genotypes (‘CO5’, ‘CO7’, ‘TNAU43’ and ‘RS118’) of foxtail millet(More)
A rapid and reproducible protocol for direct plant regeneration has been established using in vitro-derived, actively growing shoot apical meristems (SAMs) of the genotype 'CO(Ra)-14'. Shoot apical(More)