Manikandan Ramani

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Objective. To test a new hypothesis that the glue/contrast admixture used for embolisation reduces the dose delivered to AVMs using an experimental model. Method. A model was created using a block of “solid water” (6 × 5 × 2 cm) with twelve wells of different depths. Different concentrations of the glue admixture (Embucrilate + Lipiodol) were used. The(More)
It is shown that composite Ru oxide-carbon based supercapacitors possess superior energy and power densities as compared to bare carbon. An electroless deposition process was used to synthesize the ruthenium oxide-carbon composites. Ru is dispersed on the carbon matrix as small particles. The effect of electrochemical oxidation and temperature treatment on(More)
Ruthenium oxide±carbon composites with different loadings of RuO2 on carbon have been synthesized by an electroless deposition process. Increase in RuO2 loading results in increasing the speci®c capacitance of the composite electrode. The effect of temperature treatment on the performance of these materials has been studied in detail. Maximum capacitance(More)
This paper proposes the use of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) to estimate the cathode flow rate in a fuel cell system. Through experimental testing of an eight-cell, hydrogen-fueled polymer electrolyte stack, it shows that the ac impedance measurements are highly sensitive to the air flow rates at varying current densities. The ac impedance(More)
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