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Fauna and Geographical Distribution of Scorpions in Ilam Province, South Western Iran
Background: Scorpions’ stings and their own mortalities place them among the most important health and medical problems. The dreadful features and especially their poisonous stings are considered aExpand
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Effect of herbicide Imazethapyr (pursuit™) on chickpea seed germination
Herbicides are the most successful weed control technology ever developed. To assess the effects of herbicides on non-target plants, a study was carried out by using Imazethapyr (IM) on JG-11Expand
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Biochemical and cytogenetic effects of Imazethapyr on Cicer arietinum L
Weeds are a serious obstacle to the production of chickpea. Imazethapyr (IM) herbicide is used to control weeds in most of the pulses, including chickpea. Mitotic abnormalities, chromosomal behavior,Expand
Metabolic changes during early growth of chickpea affected by Imazethapyr (Pursuit
A study was conducted to investigate the effect of herbicide Imazethapyr on germination and metabolic changes during early growth of chickpea. Five concentrations (0.5,1,2.5,5, and 10 ppm) of IM wasExpand