Manijeh Alipour

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Microgrids (MGs) are considered as a key solution for integrating renewable and distributed energy resources, combined heat and power (CHP) systems, as well as distributed energy-storage systems. This paper presents a stochastic programming framework for conducting optimal 24-h scheduling of CHP-based MGs consisting of wind turbine, fuel cell, boiler, a(More)
In this study, coordination of directional overcurrent relays in power systems is formulated as an optimization problem. The objective is to find out an optimum setting of relays in order to minimize the operating time of relays for faults at their primary protection zone, while coordinating the relays properly. The coordination is performed using Improved(More)
Presence of distributed energy resources (DERs) in the case of proper planning can help to improve the technical and economic parameters of the system in distribution networks. In recent years, several algorithms and indices for optimal distributed generation planning with multiple objectives have been presented. In this paper, optimal placement and sizing(More)
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