Manidipa Sanyal

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Imperatives cannot be true, but they can be obeyed or binding: ‘Surrender!’ is obeyed if you surrender and is binding if you have a reason to surrender. A pure declarative argumentwhose premisses and conclusion are declarativesis valid exactly if, necessarily, its conclusion is true if the conjunction of its premisses is true; similarly, I suggest, a pure(More)
PROBLEM There are conflicting reports about the isoform of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) present in trophoblast cells. In this study, we have examined the presence of different NOS isoforms in trophoblast cells. In addition, the role of nitric oxide (NO) in trophoblast function has also been studied by investigating the possible role of nitric oxide in(More)
Trophoblast cells are unique with respect to their functions and responsibilities. These cells demonstrate three sequential phenotypes, proliferation and invasion into the endometrium, differentiation to form syncytia and endocrine secretions. Equipped with these properties placental trophoblasts are endowed with a variety of functions, like implantation of(More)
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