Manickavasagar V Moorthy

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BACKGROUND Recent evidence suggests that daily aspirin use decreases cancer risk, particularly for colorectal cancer, but evidence for alternate-day use is scant. OBJECTIVE To examine the association between long-term, alternate-day, low-dose aspirin and cancer in healthy women. DESIGN Observational follow-up of a randomized trial. SETTING Female(More)
BACKGROUND Plasma concentrations of N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) have been found to predict risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD) in patients with known cardiac disease, and C-reactive protein levels have been found to predict risk among apparently healthy men. However, there are no data on SCD risk prediction for either of these(More)
BACKGROUND Acute phase proteins highlight the dynamic interaction between inflammation and oncogenesis. GlycA, a novel nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) inflammatory marker that identifies primarily circulating N-acetyl glycan groups attached to acute phase proteins, may be a future CRC risk biomarker. METHODS We examined the association between GlycA and(More)
CONTEXT Previous studies suggest that consuming moderate to high amounts of alcohol on a regular basis might increase the risk of developing atrial fibrillation in men but not in women. However, these studies were not powered to investigate the association of alcohol consumption and atrial fibrillation among women. OBJECTIVE To prospectively assess the(More)
BACKGROUND Oxidative stress may contribute to the development of heart failure (HF); however, an increased risk of HF has been observed with antioxidant therapy in secondary prevention trials. No large clinical trials have addressed the role of antioxidant therapy in the primary prevention of HF. METHODS AND RESULTS We examined the effect of vitamin E and(More)
BACKGROUND Physical activity (PA) is well known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. We hypothesized that regular PA, possibly acting through reductions in blood pressure and body mass index (BMI), would reduce the risk of incident atrial fibrillation (AF) in women. METHODS AND RESULTS We prospectively followed 34 759 women who reported their(More)
BACKGROUND Limited data exist directly comparing the relative benefits of moderate- and vigorous-intensity activities with all-cause and cardiovascular (CV) disease mortality rates when controlling for physical activity volume. METHODS AND RESULTS We followed 7979 men (Harvard Alumni Health Study, 1988-2008) and 38 671 women (Women's Health Study,(More)
RATIONALE Circulating glycoprotein N-acetyl glucosamine residues have recently been associated with incident cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus. OBJECTIVE Using a plasma glycan biosignature (GlycA) to identify circulating N-acetyl glycan groups, we examined the longitudinal association between GlycA and mortality among initially healthy(More)
BACKGROUND Dietary fats have effects on biological pathways that may influence the development and maintenance of atrial fibrillation (AF). However, associations between n-3 (ω-3) polyunsaturated fatty acids and AF are inconsistent, and data on other dietary fats and AF risk are sparse. OBJECTIVES We examined the association between dietary fatty acid(More)
Despite an increased risk of long-term mental health problems, many survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA) experience positive changes in areas such as appreciation for life, personal strength, and interpersonal relationships. Drawing on life course theory, this study examined factors related to posttraumatic growth among a sample of men with CSA histories(More)