Manickavasagam Krishnan

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In this paper, a characterization of an AlSiMg alloy processed by direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) is presented, from the analysis of the starting powders, in terms of size, morphology and chemical composition, through to the evaluation of mechanical and microstructural properties of specimens built along different orientations parallel and perpendicular(More)
A low energy fast miniature plasma focus device 'FMPF-1' has recently been developed to be used as compact and portable nanosecond pulsed neutron source for field applications. The system operates in deuterium producing maximum neutron yield in the order of 10 6 neutrons/ pulse in 4� sr. at ~80kA peak discharge current. In the range of 4 to 7mbar distinct(More)
The thermal behaviour of n-heptane films adsorbed on the basal plane of graphite has been investigated using atomistic molecular dynamics simulations performed under constant temperature conditions. An uniaxially commensurate monolayer (UCM), an uniaxially commensurate bilayer (UCB) and a fully commensurate bilayer (FCB) of n-heptane have been studied in(More)
Atomistic molecular dynamics simulations have been performed in the isothermal-isobaric ensemble to explore the phase behavior of n-heptane. Motivated by recent high-pressure spectroscopic experiments on n-heptane, the present work aims at understanding the liquid-solid and the alluded to solid-solid transitions upon increasing pressure. Starting from the(More)
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