Manickam Lalitha

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Soil degradation in India is estimated to be occurring on 147 million hectares (Mha) of land, including 94 Mha from water erosion, 16 Mha from acidification, 14 Mha from flooding, 9 Mha from wind erosion, 6 Mha from salinity, and 7 Mha from a combination of factors. This is extremely serious because India supports 18% of the OPEN ACCESS
In this paper, two stage cost minimizing fuzzy transportation problem is solved in a feasible method. For this solution Row minimum method is used in which the supplies and demands are trapezoidal fuzzy numbers. A parametric approach is used to obtain a fuzzy solution. Here a Numerical example is solved to check the validity of the proposed method.(More)
Video transmission over ad hoc networks is more challenging than over other wireless networks. The wireless links in an ad hoc network are not very error resilient and can go down frequently because of node mobility, interference, channel fading, and the lack of infrastructure. Moreover, typical video applications may need a higher bandwidth and higher(More)
Despite years of study and substantial investment in remediation and prevention, soil erosion continues to be a major environmental problem with regard to land use in India and elsewhere around the world. Furthermore, changing climate and/or weather patterns are exacerbating the problem. Our objective was to review past and current soil conservation(More)
In a restaurant recommender system the main focus is on the user rating or perhaps the customer satisfaction that is significant of all. The contextual features are closely studied which aids as the precipitate for the study. In order to identify relevant contextual information for the study, only those cardinal features that are significant for the(More)
Ubiquitous computing eliminates the bottlenecks of conventional business in such a way that users get a thrilling experience as well as their purpose is also served.The main underlying principle in ambient intelligence is that computing ,communication ability is stored in smart devices which can be objects ,locations, people. Conducting online business with(More)
Globally about 23 % of the dry lands are affected by soil degradation due to lack of soil organic carbon (SOC). Increasing temperature and artificial stress of various management practices including tillage accelerate soil aggregate breakdown and increase the loss of soil organic carbon to the atmosphere. This study was conducted for comparing SOC fraction(More)
In this paper, we propose a classifier framework for the detection of doctored images. Doctoring is a process of altering or modifying the contents of an authentic image with varied motivations. The advances in technology has made it easy to doctor an authentic image in several ways, and because the images are used as evidences in many areas, identifying(More)
Active site prediction of BDNF is done to identify the locations of ligand binding sites and to predict functional similarities between cavities to estimate the locations of bound ligands. BDNF is a member of the neurotrophin family of growth factors, which are related to the canonical "Nerve Growth Factor", NGF. BDNF is a small dimeric protein which is(More)
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