Manickam Gurusaran

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The power of X-ray crystal structure analysis as a technique is to 'see where the atoms are'. The results are extensively used by a wide variety of research communities. However, this 'seeing where the atoms are' can give a false sense of security unless the precision of the placement of the atoms has been taken into account. Indeed, the presentation of(More)
Analysis of protein sequences from Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv (Mtb H37Rv) was performed to identify homopeptide repeat-containing proteins (HRCPs). Functional annotation of the HRCPs showed that they are preferentially involved in cellular metabolism. Furthermore, these homopeptide repeats might play some specific roles in protein-protein interaction.(More)
UNLABELLED The primary structure of a protein molecule comprises a linear chain of amino acid residues. Certain parts of this linear chain are unique in nature and function. They can be classified under different categories and their roles studied in detail. Two such unique categories are the palindromic sequences and the Single Amino Acid Repeats (SAARs),(More)
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