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Resistance to environmental stress is one of the most important forces molding the distribution and abundance of species. We investigated the evolution of desiccation stress resistance using 20 outbred Drosophila melanogaster populations directly selected in the laboratory for adult desiccation resistance (D), postponed senescence (O), and their respective(More)
BACKGROUND An estimated 35 million people have been displaced by complex humanitarian emergencies. International humanitarian organisations define policies and provide basic health and nutrition programmes to displaced people in postemergency phase camps. However, many policies and programmes are not based on supporting data. We aimed to identify(More)
CONTEXT Despite increasing awareness of the importance of reproductive health programs and services for refugee and internally displaced populations, there is a paucity of basic epidemiological data on reproductive health outcomes. OBJECTIVES To collect data on reproductive health outcomes among refugees and internally displaced persons in postemergency(More)
References: Archer, M.A., J.P. Phelan, K.A. Beckman, and M.R. Rose 2003, Evolution 60: 1435–1444; Ballard, J.W.O., R.G. Melvin, and S.J. Simpson 2008, Journal of Insect Physiology 54: 1371-1376; Bock, I.R., and M.R. Wheeler 1972, University of Texas Publ. 7213: 1-102; Boucher, L., and J. Huignard 1987, Journal of Insect Physiology 33: 949-957; Brandy, R.,(More)
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