Mani Sengoden

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On water oxidative C(sp3)-H functionalization/C-O/C-N bonds formations using tetrabutylammonium iodide as the catalyst and tert-butyl hydroperoxide in water (T-Hydro) as the oxidant affords a potential route for the construction of functionalized oxazolidines and imidazolidines. The reaction is simple, regioselective, and effective at moderate temperature(More)
Various tetrasubstituted pyrroles/pyrazoles have been prepared from nitro-substituted 1,3-enynes with aromatic amines/hydrazines via a copper-catalyzed cascade aza-Michael addition, cyclization and aromatization at room temperature. This protocol is also effective for the synthesis of tetrasubstituted pyrazoles in high yields.
Copper efficiently catalyzed nucleophilic ring opening, sp3 C-H functionalization, and C-N bond formation in the presence of tert-butyl hydroperoxide to afford functionalized imidazolidines starting from N-sulfonylaziridines and N-alkylanilines. The products were obtained in high optical purities (95 → 99% ee) with excellent functional group tolerance.
An Al(salen)Cl efficiently catalyzed the enantiospecific (3+2) cycloaddition of unactivated chiral aziridines with isothiocyanates to furnish functionalized iminothiazolidines at room temperature with 94-99% ee. The use of an aluminum Lewis acid as the catalyst, high enantiomeric purities, mild reaction conditions, broad substrate scope, and the high atom(More)
The synthesis of pentasubstituted pyrroles has been described using molecular iodine from 1,3-enynes and amines via a sequential tandem aza-Michael addition, iodocyclization, and oxidative aromatization. The protocol is simple and efficient to afford the target products at ambient conditions.
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