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Transparent conducting Li (0-5 wt%) doped NiO thin films with preferential growth along the (111) plane were deposited onto glass substrates by pyrolytic decomposition of nickel nitrate and lithium chloride precursors at 500 °C in air. The effect of Li concentration on the structural, optical and transport properties of NiO thin films was studied by x-ray(More)
BACKGROUND Plant tannins as rumen modifiers are better than chemicals or antibiotic-based modifiers since these compounds are natural products which are environmentally friendly and therefore have a better acceptance with regard to feed safety issues. Tropical plants containing phenols such as tannins were found to suppress or eliminate protozoa from the(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to compare the viscoelastic properties and antimicrobial activity of a soft liner with and without silver zeolite for a period of 4 weeks. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty edentulous patients wearing complete dental prostheses were selected. A uniform space was created in the intaglio surface of their maxillary prosthesis, and a soft(More)
Domains are the main structural and functional units of larger proteins. They tend to be contiguous in primary structure and can fold and function independently. It has been observed that 10-20% of all encoded proteins contain duplicated domains and the average pairwise sequence identity between them is usually low. In the present study, we have analyzed(More)
Study on the phase transition characteristics is an important parameter in extrusion processing. The influence of Moisture Content (MC), particle size and level of cereal-pulse blend on the glass transition (Tg) and melt (Tm) temperatures of a ready to eat cereal-pulse formulation was determined. All samples were moisture conditioned in a 9 to 27 % with 3 %(More)
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