Mani Iyer Prasanth

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Lipopolysaccharide is one of the pathogen-associated molecular patterns of Gram-negative bacteria which are essential for its pathogenicity. Cronobacter sakazakii is an opportunistic, emergent pathogen, which infects and cause mortality in Caenorhabditis elegans. In this study, modifications in host and C. sakazakii LPS during infections were evaluated. The(More)
To analyze the pathogenesis at both physiological and molecular level using the model organism, Caenorhabditis elegans at different developmental stages in response to Shigella spp. and its pathogen associated molecular patterns such as lipopolysaccharide. The solid plate and liquid culture-based infection assays revealed that Shigella spp. infects C.(More)
Hierarchy of cache levels plays a major role for a faster memory access compared to direct main memory access for information recently used by a processor. In this paper, we propose a three level cache structure with additional decoder for much faster accesses. The three level caches maintains data redundancy and decoder helps to enable part of cache memory(More)
Ultraviolet radiations (UV) are the primary causative agent for skin aging (photoaging) and cancer, especially UV-A. The mode of action and the molecular mechanism behind the damages caused by UV-A is not well studied, in vivo. The current study was employed to investigate the impact of UV-A exposure using the model organism, Caenorhabditis elegans.(More)
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