Mani Golparvar Fard

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This paper proposes an automated method for monitoring changes of 3D building elements using unordered photo collections as well as Building Information Models (BIM) that pertain information about geometry and relationships of elements. This task is particularly challenging as existing construction photographs are taken under different lighting and(More)
Rapid energy modeling is a streamlined process to capture, model, and analyze building energy performance. Timely assessment of existing building energy performance helps owners and facility managers to identify potential areas for better retrofit, and meet environmental and economic goals. Despite the increasing attention to building energy performance,(More)
Non-value adding activities which consume time and/or resources without increasing value, have been considered as main contributors to schedule delays and cost overruns in design and construction projects. While these activities are mainly triggered and proliferated by errors and changes, traditional construction management approaches have not explicitly(More)
Today, ensuring and improving safety, productivity, quality, and sustainability in construction, operation, and maintenance of national civil infrastructure systems through advances in robotics and automation is a national imperative. By"national civil infrastructure"we refer to the 4.5M commercial buildings, 3.9M miles of public roads, 2M miles of oil and(More)