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An electrochemical detection method was introduced for aqueous droplet analysis in oil phase of microfluidic devices. This method is based on the electrochemical signal difference between aqueous and oil. Applying a low alternating current (AC) voltage to a couple of Au microelectrodes, this method can offer size information and ion concentration range from(More)
One-time pad (OTP) is a principle of key generation applied to the stream ciphering method which offers total privacy. The OTP encryption scheme has proved to be unbreakable in theory, but difficult to realize in practical applications. Because OTP encryption specially requires the absolute randomness of the key, its development has suffered from dense(More)
A simple but highly specific immunoassay system for goat anti-human IgG has been developed using gold nanoparticles and microfluidic techniques. The assay is based on the deposition of gold nanoparticles that are coated with protein antigens in the presence of their corresponding antibodies to microfluidic channel surface. The effects of time accumulation,(More)
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