Manh-Tien H. Nguyen

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BACKGROUND Although much has been written about techniques for making a good stoma, little has been described regarding how to excise a trephine that will perfectly fit a given end stoma. METHODS A reproducible technique for making a stomal trephine to a precise fit for each stoma is described. RESULTS More than 20 stomas have been made with good(More)
BACKGROUND This study presents an audit of the first 50 elective laparoscopic assisted colorectal resections carried out at the Launceston General Hospital, Tasmania, particularly in comparison with the 33 elective open resections carried out in the same 18-month period. METHODS This was a retrospective review and analysis of prospectively recorded data(More)
Sterilization by tubal occlusive methods has a small but definite incidence of failure which is not well recognized among general surgeons. As a result of the failure to appreciate the possibility of ectopic pregnancy after tubal ligation, right-sided abdominal pain in this patient population is commonly misdiagnosed as appendicitis. One such case is(More)
The diagnosis of a rectovaginal or enterovaginal fistula is mostly made by a careful historical of a faecal vaginal discharge. When a rectovaginal fistula is low, an examination will demonstrate it with ease. However, when there is a high and small fistula into the vault or the fornix of the vagina, traditional methods of small bowel enema and barium enema(More)
We present the method of the HCMUS team participating in Multimodal Person Discovery in Broadcast TV Task at the MediaEval Challenge 2016. There are two main processes in our method. First we identify a list of potential characters of interest from all video clips. Each potential character is defined as a pair of face track, a sequence of face patches, and(More)
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