Mangalathu Jibukumar

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In this paper we propose a cooperative MAC protocol for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) that involves the concept of cooperation among nodes to avoid the negative effect caused by multi rate modulation employed in IEEE 802.11 standards. In our proposed protocol a low data rate direct transmission link is replaced by two faster transmission links using a(More)
In IEEE 802.11 standard MAC layer and Physical layer overheads are necessary for the proper synchronization of transmitter and receiver besides sharing the wireless medium efficiently. To increase the network efficiency, the ratio of header size to payload size in a packet has to be reduced. The new IEEE WLAN amendment, IEEE 802.11n, allows aggregation of(More)
Conventional radar altimeter systems such as Pulsed or Frequency modulated continuous wave (FM CW) have limitations on measurable range and security. In this paper, we propose a Direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) based radar altimeter that offers good resolution and low probability of intercept. We carried out MATLAB simulations of the system and(More)
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