Mangalanathan Umapathy

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Smart structures sense, respond and control their own characteristics and states. This paper deals with the vibration control of smart structures using quantitative feedback theory (QFT). A robust QFT Controller is designed to perform well within the specifications for the uncertainties introduced by varying sensor-actuator locations, thus circumventing the(More)
In this work, a discrete time sliding mode controller with multirate output feedback is designed to suppress the first two vibrating modes of a piezo actuated structure. The vibrating modes are measured by two homogeneous piezoelectric sensors. The states estimated using information filter are fused, using which the control signal is generated. The(More)
Inherent scarcity of thermal sources with a time varying temperature profile is the reason why the pyroelectric-based energy harvesting is not as prominent as its counterpart, thermoelectric generators, in the thermal energy harvesting domain. In this paper, a practical solution for generating thermal oscillations required for sustainable pyroelectric-based(More)
A measurement system to measure the thickness of a nonmagnetic conducting sheet is designed, simulated, developed, and tested. The measurement system is designed as a resonant system with a cantilever being a resonating structure with piezoelectric excitation and detection. The permanent magnets at the tip of the cantilever beams produces an oscillating(More)
In this paper, the problem of modeling, output feedback control design and the experimental implementation for the vibration control of smart cantilever beam with parameter uncertainties represented in interval form is addressed. The interval model of the system is obtained by introducing variation in the parameter of the identified model. However,(More)
This paper describes an approach to harvest electrical energy from a mechanically excited piezoelectric element. The structure of piezoelectric energy harvester is optimized for maximum power with minimum dimensions through Genetic Algorithm approach to enhance the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy using direct piezoelectric effect.(More)
The paper presents design and development of a resonance displacement sensor. The sensor is built with cantilever as a resonator with piezoelectric excitation and sensing in closed loop electronics. The sensor measures the unknown displacement with good linearity within the measurement range. The input displacement varies the length of the resonator by a(More)
This paper presents the overall design of an industrial vibration transmitter using MEMS capacitive accelerometer. It describes the accelerometer sensor interfacing circuit, rms-to-dc converter, voltage to current loop converter circuit design, calibration procedure, and mounting methods. The industrial vibration transmitter output can be customized to(More)