Mangal Sain

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— Cloud computing is combination of various computing entities, globally separated, but electronically connected. As the geography of computation is moving towards corporate server rooms, it bring more issues including security, such as virtualization security, distributed computing, application security, identity management, access control and(More)
With the advent development in Ubiquitous Healthcare system it's becoming one of the emerging areas of research. Due to mobile, dynamic, unpredictable and heterogeneous environment of ubiquitous computing systems it's really hard to develop system software for ubiquitous computing. Primarily this middleware provide solutions to common tasks in ubiquitous(More)
In recent years, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have been considered as a potential solution for real-time monitoring applications and these WSNs have potential practical impact on next generation technology too. However, WSNs could become a threat if suitable security is not considered before the deployment and if there are any loopholes in their(More)
— Nowadays to manage a big collection of image data is becoming a major issue for companies as well as for smart phone devices. After panoramic view in camera, elongated fields of view technology and algorithms has been fully implemented in industrial area, commercial systems, painting and mobile devices such as smart phones and portable computers. But(More)
— E-Health is a common term used for electronic health, where the services and systems provided include electronic health records, prescriptions, consumer health information, healthcare information systems, and so on. In this period of time, several patients have started to use e-health, considering the convenience of services delivered and cost reduction.(More)
With advancements in hardware and software capabilities, cloud computing has evolved into a widely utilized paradigm for pay per use and robust computation. An unparalleled repository of user sensitive data that resides on the cloud poses severe threat to the privacy of individuals. Users authenticate, store and perform computations on their data using(More)
The evolution of digital communication includes both applications and devices running them. In this context, specific applications are needed to enhance a safeguard communication ensuring protection and trust services to the users. The growing need to address privacy concerns when social network data is released for mining purposes has recently led to(More)