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In this paper, we propose an improved detail enhancement method via guided image. To achieve the best overall balance for the contradictory goals of edge-preserving smoothing and details capturing, we propose a method combining the guided image filter (GIF) with local detail enhancement and the weighted least squares (WLS) filter with global intensity shift(More)
In this letter, a novel method based on discrete space model (DSM) and support vector machines (SVMs) is proposed for hyperspectral image (HSI) classification. The DSM approach transforms continuous spectral signatures into discrete features and constructs a space model with the discrete features. Therefore, the classification capability of SVMs can be(More)
Image completion techniques are required to fill in missing regions in digital images. We propose a method that focuses on the complex structure of the foreground object. We observe that if we match the complete deformable contour of the sample object and obtain the missing contour (i.e., point set positions), the structure of the damaged object can be(More)
Recently, the Coherent Point Drift (CPD) algorithm has become a very popular and efficient method for point set registration. However, this method does not take into consideration the neighborhood structure information of points to find the correspondence and requires a manual assignment of the outlier ratio. Therefore, CPD is not robust for large degrees(More)
Nowadays, surface defect detection systems for steel strip have replaced traditional artificial inspection systems, and automatic defect detection systems offer good performance when the sample set is large and the model is stable. However, the trained model does work well when a new production line is initiated with different equipment, processes, or(More)
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