Mang-Hui Wang

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—This paper presents a novel partial-discharge (PD) recognition method based on the extension theory for high-voltage cast-resin current transformers (CRCTs). First, a commercial PD detector is used to measure the three-dimensional (3-D) PD patterns of the high-voltage CRCTs, then three data preprocessing schemes that extract relevant features from the raw(More)
Dissolved gas analysis (DGA) is one of the most useful techniques to detect the incipient faults of power transformer. However, the identification of the faulted location by the traditional method is not always an easy task due to the variability of gas data and operational natures. In this paper, a novel cerebellar model articulation controller (CMAC)(More)
An efficient self-organizing neural fuzzy controller (SONFC) is designed to improve the transient stability of multimachine power systems. First, an artificial neural network (ANN)-based model is introduced for fuzzy logic control. The characteristic rules and their membership functions of fuzzy systems are represented as the processing nodes in the ANN(More)
A novel clustering method mslng an artificial neural network (ANN) is presented to identify the coherent gekcrators for dynamic equivabnts of power systems. Flrst, a new fFpqueRcy measure ie dexlsad to Sndhte the degree of coherency rmong syaSem gemratom. Incarprating with $he frequency measure, a ncural network impkmearP;tion of the K-means algsrithni is(More)
A supervised learning pattern classifier, called the extension neural network (ENN), has been described in a recent paper. In this sequel, the unsupervised learning pattern clustering sibling called the extension neural network type 2 (ENN-2) is proposed. This new neural network uses an extension distance (ED) to measure the similarity between data and the(More)
This paper presents an intelligent fault classification approach for power transformer dissolved gas analysis (DGA). Fault diagnosis methods by the DGA and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques are implemented to improve the interpretation accuracy for DGA of power transformers. The DGA traditional methods are utilized to choose the most appropriate gas(More)
Power quality (PQ) monitoring is an important issue to electric utilities and many industrial power customers. This paper presents a DSP-based hardware monitoring system based on a recently proposed PQ classification algorithm. The algorithm is implemented with a Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320VC5416 digital signal processor (DSP) with the TI THS1206 12-bit 6(More)
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