Manfredo Cerchiello

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The haemodynamic and autonomic effects of prolonged exposure to simulated microgravity were assessed non-invasively in seven healthy volunteers completing a 42-day -6 degrees head down tilt. Before, during and after head down tilt, subjects were exposed to moderate excitatory stimuli (mental arithmetic and static handgrip) to gauge possible progressive(More)
Beyond the fundamental pathogenetic importance of Helicobacter Pylori a possible additional role of vagal innervation in favouring or modulating the clinical history of duodenal ulcer (DU) has been suggested by old studies employing invasive methodologies. Aim of this study was to assess whether vagal prevalence in autonomic modulation was present in healed(More)
We examined on 56 (age 38+/-2 [range: 16-60] years) healthy subjects the effects of aging on cardiovascular autonomic responses to progressive supine bicycle exercise of light intensity. Autoregressive spectral analysis of RR interval and systolic arterial pressure (SAP) variabilities provided measures of the exercise-induced changes in baroreflex gain (by(More)
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