Manfred Zollner

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At our institute we built a variety of robots. As these robots are quite different as well in size, shape and in actuation principle it would be very time consuming and inefficient to build a computer and hardware architecture especially tailored to the specific robot. In this paper it will be described how common aspects in robot control can be identified(More)
Behavior decision in human brains is a process which involves different regions of the brain, each one considering specific driving aspects. These regions interact with each other and are able to stimulate or suppress other areas. The executed behavior is a result of a fusion process and depends on the structure of the network and the motivations of(More)
Long-range correlated temporal fluctuations in the beats of musical rhythms are an inevitable consequence of human action. According to recent studies, such fluctuations also lead to a favored listening experience. The scaling laws of amplitude variations in rhythms, however, are widely unknown. Here we use highly sensitive onset detection and time series(More)
An apparatus for clinical use is described by which simplified psychoacoustical tuning curves can be measured near 500 Hz and near 4 kHz. Data produced by four groups (normal hearing, conductive hearing loss, noise induced hearing loss and degenerative hearing loss) are separately averaged and compared. The first mentioned two groups as well as the third in(More)
The authors developed a surgical approach to the acoustic nerve enabling the introduction of an electrode into the acoustic nerve. A multichannel electrode was implanted by this method in a deaf patient. The receiver casing for percutaneous transmission was fixed in the mastoid. Encouraging hearing results were obtained over a period of two months by(More)
The linear tone generation process of an electric guitar can be divided in four subsystems: Plectrum filter, plucking position filter, pickup position filter, pickup transfer filter. Nonlinear effects such as bouncing require additional systems. Cascading these subsystems yields a general system that models the guitars transfer characteristic from string(More)
Two techniques were employed to assess the suitability of deaf patients for cochlear implantation: electrical stimulation by means of ear canal electrode and promontorium electrode. The results of the ear canal tests indicate that the patients may be divided into three groups: I. non-usable dynamics, II. usable dynamics in low-frequency range, and III.(More)
Pt-Ir-electrodes were coated with different insulations. Some of the insulations proved to be highly cytotoxic. Pt-Ir (9:1) electrodes coated with "PYRE-M.L." were easy to handle and did not show any cytotoxic effects. A change of electric impedance was found when the voltage was raised and platinum had changed the surface of the cathode.
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