Manfred Weishaar

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White-nose syndrome is an emerging disease in North America that has caused substantial declines in hibernating bats. A recently identified fungus (Geomyces destructans) causes skin lesions that are characteristic of this disease. Typical signs of this infection were not observed in bats in North America before white-nose syndrome was detected. However,(More)
Investigating macro-geographical genetic structures of animal populations is crucial to reconstruct population histories and to identify significant units for conservation. This approach may also provide information about the intraspecific flexibility of social systems. We investigated the history and current structure of a large number of populations in(More)
Our study shows that endangered Bechstein'sbats utilise distinct habitats at differentstages of their reproductive cycle, a findingthat has implications how habitat should beselected for preservation. Using nuclear andmitochondrial microsatellite DNA markers wecompared gene diversity of Bechstein's batswithin breeding colonies and at potentialmating sites.(More)
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