Manfred Theißen

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Engineering design processes are highly creative and knowledge-intensive tasks that involve extensive information exchange and communication among diverse developers. In such dynamic settings, traditional information management systems fail to provide adequate support due to their inflexible data structures and hard-wired usage procedures, as well as their(More)
Motivated by a chemical process engineering application, we introduce a new concept constructor in Description Logics (DLs), an n-ary variant of the existential restriction constructor, which generalizes both the usual existential restrictions and so-called qualified number restrictions. We show that the new constructor can be expressed in ALCQ, the(More)
Expressive models of the work processes performed in the chemical and process industries provide a basis for diverse applications like work process documentation, analysis, and enactment. In this contribution , we present a generic modeling language for different types of work processes to allow for their integrated representation in the life cycle of a(More)