Manfred Schocker

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We provide a deterministic algorithm that constructs small point sets exhibiting a low star discrepancy. The algorithm is based on bracketing and on recent results on randomized roundings respecting hard constraints. It is structurally much simpler than the previous algorithm presented for this problem in [B. Doerr, M. Gnewuch, A. Srivastav. Bounds and(More)
A coplactic class in the symmetric group Sn consists of all permutations in Sn with a given Schensted Q-symbol, and may be described in terms of local relations introduced by Knuth. Any Lie element in the group algebra of Sn which is constant on coplactic classes is already constant on descent classes. As a consequence, the intersection of the Lie(More)
Based on a generalized ordering ∝ on a set X, Schensted’s insertion mapping is defined on the set of words (W, ·) over the ordered alphabet (X,∝). In this general framework, a transparent approach to various versions of the Robinson-Schensted correspondence and of invariant properties originally due to Schützenberger, Knuth, White e.a. is obtained.(More)
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