Manfred Scheucher

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In this paper we consider planar L-shaped embeddings of trees in point sets, that is, planar drawings where the vertices are mapped to a subset of the given points and where every edge consists of two axis-aligned line segments. We investigate the minimum number m, such that any n vertex tree with maximum degree 4 admits a planar L-shaped embedding in any(More)
A straight-line drawing of a graph is a monotone drawing if for each pair of vertices there is a path which is monotonically increasing in some direction, and it is called a strongly monotone drawing if the direction of monotonicity is given by the direction of the line segment connecting the two vertices. We present algorithms to compute crossing-free(More)
Let P be a finite set of points in the plane in general position, that is, no three points of P are on a common line. We say that a set H of five points from P is a 5-hole in P if H is the vertex set of a convex 5-gon containing no other points of P . For a positive integer n, let h5(n) be the minimum number of 5-holes among all sets of n points in the(More)
It is usually considered that the spectrum of an optical cavity coupled to an atomic medium does not exhibit a normal-mode splitting unless the system satisfies the strong coupling condition, meaning the Rabi frequency of the coherent coupling exceeds the decay rates of atom and cavity excitations. Here we show that this need not be the case, but depends on(More)
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