Manfred Ruschitzka

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This paper describes a specification-based approach to detect exploitations of vulnerabdities in security-critical programs. The approach utilizes security specifications that describe the intended behavior of programs and scans audit trails for operations that are in violation of the specifications. We developed a formal framework for specifying the(More)
A widely used error recovery technique in database systems is the rollback and recovery technique. This technique saves periodically the state of the system and records all activities on a reliable log tape. The operation of saving the system state is called <italic>checkpointing.</italic> The elapsed time between two consecutive checkpointing operations is(More)
The proliferation of inexpensive microprocessor systems and communications equipment has provided the general public with the ability to access remote database systems. It also makes off-loading of some of the query-processing load of such remote systems to microprocessor systems an attractive possibility, but problems concerning data portability and(More)