Manfred Ruschitzka

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This paper describes a specification-based approach to detect exploitations of vulnerabdities in securitycritical programs. The approach utilizes security specifications that describe the intended behavior of programs and scans audit trails for operations that are in violation of the specifications. We developed a formal framework for specifying the(More)
Committee in Charge 1996 i Acknowledgements I a m d eeply indebted to m y advisors, Karl Levitt a n d Manfred Ruschitzka. Without their help and guidance, I was not able to nish this work. Special thanks to Karl for his precious time a n d e n ergy, a n d h i s p a tience in teaching m e not only how t o perform research, but also how to write proposals,(More)
This paper presents a scheme for classifying scheduling algorithms based on an abstract model of a scheduling system which formalizes the notion of priority. Various classes of scheduling algorithms are defined and related to existing algorithms. A criterion for the implementation efficiency of an algorithm is developed and results in the definition of(More)
The proliferation of inexpensive microprocessor systems and communications equipment has provided the general public with the ability to access remote database systems. It also makes off-loading of some of the query-processing load of such remote systems to microprocessor systems an attractive possibility, but problems concerning data portability and(More)
Heterogeneous computer systems that are interconnected in today's computer networks lack efficient, general-purpose translation facilities for remote data. The provision of such facilities is potentially quite costly since the format of remote data is a function of the attributes of the remote architectures, operating systems, and software applications that(More)
While the adoption of an implementation project for an operating systems course is certainly beneficial, non-trivial projects are inherently demanding in terms of student efforts and computer costs. This paper reports on a project which has been designed to keep the effort for an extensive simulation of a contemporary system within acceptable limits. The(More)