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We present a new approach of X-ray camera calibration as a part of a vision-guided robotics system for orthopaedic knee surgery. T w o i n v ented calibration bodies provide highly accurate and robust calibration results, while avoiding constraints concerning the placement of landmarks relative to the X-ray system. A described experiment shows the absolute(More)
1. OVERVIEW We present an extended approach for the accurate simultaneously registration of several X-ray images with a corresponding computer-tomography dataset (CT). The X-ray images are taken one after another using only a single uoroscope. The main idea of our approach is an iterative optimization, that incorporates a least-squares-criterion for(More)
The dynamics of image-potential states on Cu(119) have been studied with two-photon photoemission. Direction-dependent quasielastic scattering processes with large momentum transfer are attributed to the finite terrace-width distribution on the stepped surface. This effectively couples image-potential states via interband scattering and leads to an(More)
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