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The phases of the CP-violating amplitudes in K°-*~+~-and K°~2n ° decays, ¢~+ _ =46.9 ° + 2.2: and 000=47.1 ° + 2.8% have been measured in the same experiment, and a direct comparison gives the phase difference ¢co-0+-=0.2 ° + 2.9 °. This result leads to an upper limit on possible CPT violation in the K ° mass matrix, of I (mR~-mKo)/m~:o I < 5 × I 0-~8 at(More)
The reaction γp → π 0 π 0 p has been measured using the TAPS BaF 2 calorimeter at the tagged photon facility of the Mainz Microtron accelerator. Chiral perturbation theory (ChPT) predicts that close to threshold this channel is significantly enhanced compared to double pion final states with charged pions. In contrast to other reaction channels, the lower(More)
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