Manfred Ribe

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Excessively lax wrists more frequently become symptomatic if overloaded or injured than normal joints. Whether this is the consequence of biological or mechanical factors or both remains unknown. This study evaluates the relationship between the degree of joint laxity and scaphoid kinematic behaviour during radio-ulnar deviation of the wrist in 60 normal(More)
BACKGROUND In Sweden, hospital stays, deaths, and censuses have long been stored on electronic media. AIMS To apply post-hospital survival measures to hospitals having different degrees of specialization by linking existing data in census and in-patient registers. METHOD In-patient records totaling 3.6 million were collected. They were linked to the(More)
The definition of the term "corpse" is relevant for medicine in general and most particularly so for forensic medicine, as it has direct consequences on practical work: legally, postmortems and autopsies may only be performed on corpses. With this in mind, the legal term "corpse" was examined on the basis of German State Law regulations and provisions.(More)
The paper deals with issues that have been found important for the treatment of financial services in Swedish price indices. In particular the definition of the unit transaction for fund and stock-brokering services with charge proportional to transaction value is crucial. Such services have more than a negligible extent in Sweden, also for consumers, and(More)
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