Manfred R. Schroeder

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We describe in this paper a code-excited linear predictive coder in which the optimum innovation sequence is selected from a code book of stored sequences to optimize a given fidelity criterion. Each sample of the innovation sequence is filtered sequentially through two time-varying linear recursive filters, one with a long-delay (related to pitch period)(More)
Ceiling shapes for concert halls are proposed that, on the basis of prior extensive subjective evaluations, should result in high listener preference of the hall's acpistoca; response tomusic. These shapes are based on the premise that as little as possible of the early sound energy should arrive at a listener's ears in the "median" plane (the vertical(More)
Some unsolved problems about vision are discussed in relation to the goal of understanding the space of possible mechanisms with the power of human vision. The following issues are addressed: What are the functions of vision? What needs to be represented? How should it be represented? What is a good global architecture for a human-like visual system? How(More)