Manfred R. Schroeder

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Speech analysis and synthesis by linear prediction is based on the assumption that the short-time spectral envelope of speech can be represented by a number of poles. An all-pole representation does not provide an accurate description of speech spectra, particularly for nasals and nasalized sounds. This paper presents a method for characterizing speech in(More)
Flat-spectrum stimuli, consisting of many equal-amplitude harmonics, produce timbre sensations that can depend strongly on the phase angles of the individual harmonics. For fundamental frequencies in the human pitch range, many realizable timbres have vowel-like perceptual qualities. This observation suggests the possibility of constructing intelligible(More)
The synthesis of certain paradoxical acoustic waveforms is described that will sound lower when reproduced at higher speeds (and vice versa). Specifically, one such waveform, when recorded on magnetic tape, will sound a semitone lower (rather than an octave higher) when played back at twice the tape speed. The connection with fractal objects in geometry is(More)