Manfred Plan

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In 6307 cervicotomies for thyroid and parathyroid excision, 33 cases of nonrecurrent inferior laryngeal nerve were identified (0.52%). The anomaly was observed in 31 cases from 4921 dissections on the right side (0.63%) and in two cases from 4673 dissections on the left side (0.04%). Of the 31 patients who were initially seen with this anomaly on the right(More)
Memory interfaces for high-speed graphics systems have reached the 4 to 6 Gb/s/pin regime with GDDR4 and the introduction of GDDR5 [1-4] at chip densities up to 512Mb. To satisfy the demand for even higher data bandwidths and increased memory densities, more advanced design techniques are required. In this paper, a 7Gb/s/pin 1Gb GDDR5 DRAM with an array(More)
Nineteen cases of non-recurrent inferior laryngeal nerve were identified during 3791 cervicotomies for thyroid or parathyroid excision over the last 7 years, the nervous anomaly being of vascular anomaly origin in all cases. Predisposing factors for its onset during aortic arch development are discussed, together with possible symptomatology and means for(More)
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