Manfred Nusseck

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The human face is an important and complex communication channel. Humans can, however, easily read in a face not only identity information but also facial expressions with high accuracy. Here, we present the results of four psychophysical experiments in which we systematically manipulated certain facial areas in video sequences of nine conversational(More)
For humans, it is useful to be able to visually detect an object's physical properties. One potentially important source of information is the way the object moves and interacts with other objects in the environment. Here, we use computer simulations of a virtual ball bouncing on a horizontal plane to study the correspondence between our ability to estimate(More)
Facial expressions can be used to direct the flow of a conversation as well as to improve the clarity of communication. The critical physical differences between expressions can, however, be small and subtle. Clear presentation of facial expressions in applied settings, then, would seem to require a large conversational agent. Given that visual displays are(More)
OBJECTIVES Music performance anxiety (MPA) is an issue frequently experienced by musicians. It occurs not only in experienced musicians but also in children and adolescents. Furthermore, most research on MPA has been done with musicians who specialized in classical music. This study investigated the development of MPA across the ages in young musicians(More)
OBJECTIVES For violinists, it is common practice to play while standing or sitting. When playing in an orchestra, generally two persons share one music stand, with one sitting to the right and the other to the left of the stand. The present study investigated specific movement patterns while playing in these different positions. METHODS Using a(More)
BACKGROUND Vocal loading tests are an important element in the evaluation of vocal function. In Germany mostly tests with changes of loading intensity between 75 and 80 dB(A) or tests with continuous intensity of 80 dB(C) are used. MATERIAL AND METHODS 17 subjects with healthy vocal function were analyzed in 3 test conditions (1. continuous loading of 80(More)
This paper presents the results of experiments made within the interdisciplinary project between the Department for Comparative Literature at the University of Tübingen and Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics. We examined the following three questions using both psychophysical and structuralistic-hermeneutical methods: a) Are there regularities(More)
Multimodal prosody carries a wide variety of information Here, we investigated the roles of visual and the auditory information in the production and perception of different emphasis intensities. In a series of video recordings, the intensity, location, and syntactic category of the emphasized word were varied. Physical analyses demonstrated that each(More)
Human gestures contain certain characteristics and meanings in communication and represent a link between intention and body. This paper describes a pilot study investigating the role of ancillary musical gestures in understanding musical meaning from the listener's standpoint. We conducted a perceptual experiment using motion-capture recordings of(More)
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