Manfred Nitz

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The pharmacokinetics of thiamine in plasma and urine was investigated in 13 healthy and 3 renal-insufficient volunteers. Doses ranging from 5 to 200mg thiamine hydrochloride were administered either as an iv bolus or a 50-min infusion. A sum of 3 exponentials was used as the unit impulse response function to characterize plasma kinetics. Drug input was(More)
The rat olivocerebellar pathway has a precise topography from an inferior olive (IOC) to Purkinje cells in the contralateral hemicerebellum. While its development and plasticity have been documented, the molecular mechanisms underlying these events are not fully elucidated. Neurotrophins are a family of growth factors with diverse roles in development and(More)
The renal clearance of N1-methylnicotinamide (NMN) was studied in 8 young women at physiological steady state and at steady state following a combined loading bolus and in infusion. Urinary NMN concentrations were determined using a new HPLC method, plasma levels by a conventional fluorescence method. At physiological levels net tubular secretion of NMN was(More)
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