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In this paper, the implementation of a sample rate converter for arbitrary sampling rates is presented. The focus is especially on VoIP systems which are used for safety critical applications. In this systems, the sampling rates are nominally equal, but different clock sources cause slight differences. By using SystemC and high level synthesis it was(More)
The quantum limits on measurements of small changes in the length of a Fabry-Perot cavity are calculated. The cavity is modelled by a pair of dissimilar mirrors oriented perpendicular to a one-dimensional axis of infinite extent. The continuous spectrum of spatial modes of the system is derived, and the electromagnetic field is quantized in terms of a(More)
The Time Triggered Architecture (TTA) and its related communication protocol, TTP/C is an emerging communication principle for distributed fault-tolerant real-time systems. Typical applications are safety-critical digital control systems such as drive-by-wire and fly-by-wire. This paper highlights the hardware / software architecture and design of the first(More)
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