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Kant: A Biography
Chronology of Kant's life and work Prologue and epilogue, 'As You Like It' 1. Childhood and early youth (1724-1740) 2. Student and private teacher (1740-1755) 3. The elegant magister (1755-1764) 4.Expand
Kant's Conception of "Hume's Problem"
IN 1783, forty-four years after the appearance of Hume's Treatise of Human Nature, and thirty-five years after that of his Enquiry concerning Human Understanding, a Prussian philosopher namedExpand
The Foundations of Morality
All rights reserved. This document may be printed or stored on computer media, on the condition that it will not be republished in print, on-line (including reposting on any personal Web sites,Expand
Scottish common sense in Germany, 1768-1800 : a contribution to the history of critical philosophy
He finds that the work of these philosophers was widely discussed in German philosophical journals and translated into German soon after its publication in Britain. Important German philosophers,Expand
Dictionary of Eighteenth-Century German Philosophers
This monumental work features the most important German philosophers, jurists, pedagogues, literary critics, doctors, historians, and others whose work has philosophical significance who lived andExpand