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The alkaline phosphatase (ALP) assay for the Reflotron system is a dry chemistry method applicable for decentralized testing. The ALP diethanolamine method has been applied as the comparison method, which is now replaced by the more widely distributed aminomethylpropanol method. The new comparison method measures ALP activities by approximately 59% lower(More)
This contribution investigates the direct and indirect causal interactions between financial deepening, trade openness and economic growth for 13 Latin American and Caribbean countries. Using a rather general approach to identify indicators for financial deepening and to detect Granger causality within a VAR/VECM framework, we find almost no evidence for(More)
The international standard ISO 15197 describes system accuracy requirements of blood glucose monitoring systems (BGMS). The implementation of a new version of this standard in 2013 aimed to further improve the quality of available systems by setting stricter accuracy criteria. For the integrated Accu-Chek® Mobile blood glucose monitoring system (Roche(More)
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