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Mechanized reasoning systems and computer algebra systems have different objectives. Their integration is highly desirable, since formal proofs often involve both of the two different tasks proving and calculating. Even more important, proof and computation are often interwoven and not easily separable. In this article we advocate an integration of computer(More)
Different reasoning systems have different strengths and weaknesses, and often it is useful to combine these systems to gain as much as possible from their strengths and retain as little as possible from their weaknesses. Of particular interest is the integration of first-order and higher-order techniques. First-order reasoning systems, on the one hand,(More)
Mechanised reasoning systems and computer algebra systems have apparently diierent objectives. Their integration is, however, highly desirable, since in many formal proofs both of the two diierent tasks, proving and calculating, have to be performed. In the context of producing reliable proofs, the question how to ensure correctness when integrating a(More)