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The characterization and evaluation of the recent status of biodiversity in Southern Africa's Savannas is a major prerequisite for suitable and sustainable land management and conservation purposes. This paper presents an integrated concept for vegetation type mapping in a dry savanna ecosystem based on local scale in-situ botanical survey data with high(More)
We show that the effects of inflation on growth change substantially as the inflation rate rises. Moreover the nonlinearities are quite different for industrial economies than for developing countries. We find that the threshold at which inflation first begins to seriously negatively affect growth is around 8% for industrial economies but 3% or less for(More)
Keywords: Multi-seasonal analysis High and medium resolution data Object-oriented classification Grassland Crop types a b s t r a c t A key factor in the implementation of productive and sustainable cultivation procedures is the frequent and area-wide monitoring of cropland and grassland. In particular, attention is focused on assessing the actual status,(More)
The constant loss of land resources due to growing settlements and transport infrastructure is a widespread phenomenon in most developed and emerging countries. The expansion of urban agglomerations is closely associated with a significant increase of impervious surface (IS). Surface sealing involves the irreversible loss of essential soil functions,(More)
This study presents a multi-scale procedure to derive continuous proportional cover of woody vegetation in savanna ecosystems. QuickBird data was classified to define a continuous training and validation data set of woody cover proportions. Using a regression tree algorithm based on Landsat TM data, this woody cover information was extrapolated to an area(More)
"The paper analyzes the effect on the migration rate of a number of labour market variables; in particular, relative wage levels and growth rates, and the relative unemployment rates in the home and foreign country. We study the Ireland-U.K. migration rate and use the estimates to predict migration between the two parts of unified Germany. We conclude that(More)