Manfred Kaul

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An INFORMATION ON DEMAND (IOD) Teleservice developed at the German National Research Center for Information Technology (GMD) provides remote access to multimedia information consisting of audio, video, and text. It uses a bidirectional narrowband message link between the end user and the service provider, and a unidirectional broadband data link from the(More)
  • Manfred Kaul
  • Graph-Grammars and Their Application to Computer…
  • 1986
Precedence graph grammars are of major interest in all those applications of graph grammars, where highly efficient parsers are needed. Up to now there are no other graph parsers with the same performance. Due to the fact, that even regular graph grammars with very restricted embedding relations have a NP-complete membership problem, different kinds than(More)
Three emerging technologies are combined in a setup that has been installed and tested at GMD the German National Research Center for Information Technology: 1. Multimedia Telecooperation Applications; 2. ATM-based high-speed networks; 3. Satellite links. The results are promising: After some initial problems, the complete scenario is up and running,(More)
This paper presents an overview on and reports on early experiences of the European ACTS project AC089 called „Distributed Video Production (DVP)“ which started in late 1995. Central to DVP are distributed pilot applications for professional digital video production over ATM broadband networks (LAN and WAN). Distributed video production refers to situations(More)
This paper discusses the future trends on teleteaching applications. These include remote access to distributed virtual reality resources, information on demand teleservices and multimedia telecommunication environments across high speed multicast networks for teleteaching scenarios. A teleteaching session held by a lecturer in Berlin is multicasted across(More)