Manfred Kauer

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The cholera toxin B chain (CTB) has been reported to suppress T cell-dependent autoimmune diseases and to potentiate tolerance of the adaptive immune system. We have analyzed the effects of CTB on macrophages in vitro and have found that preincubation with CTB (10 microg/ml) suppresses the proinflammatory reaction to LPS challenge, as demonstrated by(More)
The hypothesis that IL-10, in addition to down-regulating pro-inflammatory activities of macrophages, induces an alternative state of macrophage reactivity was tested. We therefore conducted a systematic search for genes induced by IL-10 using the method of suppression subtractive hybridisation. Of an initial 1,300 candidate clones obtained, several(More)
Model systems of human type 1 diabetes have revealed an important role of cellular immune reactions involving macrophages and T cells in the destruction of autologous insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells. Recently, the cholera toxin B chain (CTB) was found to suppress T cell-dependent autoimmune diseases including autoimmune diabetes of nonobese diabetic(More)
Macrophage activation by proinflammatory stimuli is suppressed by IL-10. We tested the hypothesis that IL-10 induces an alternative state of macrophage activation rather than solely mediating suppression. We therefore searched for genes the expression of which might be up-rather than downregulated in response to IL-10. Total RNA was obtained from mouse(More)
Plasmid DNA harbouring the human 5S rRNA gene was assembled into nucleosomes using either Xenopus S150 extracts or purified core histones in the presence of pectin. In both cases reconstitution of nucleosomes led to a complete repression of transcription. This repression could be efficiently counteracted by preincubating the template DNA with highly(More)
Type 1 diabetes is an immune-mediated disease with pancreatic infiltration and subsequent beta cell destruction. In this study pancreatic exocrinopathy in non-obese diabetic mice (NOD) was identified using gene subtraction methods (SSH) and macroarray analysis. Female NOD mice were treated with cyclophosphamide for acceleration and synchronization of the(More)
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